• LAURENT SAS Mécanique industrielle et outillages
  • LAURENT SAS Industrial Mechanics and Tooling
  • LAURENT SAS Industriemechanik und Fertigung von Präzisionswerkzeugen

Our Know-how

Nearly 4 decades in the business have provided us with very extensive experience in machining steel, aluminium, copper, Ravax, Hotvar, titanium, etc., naturally positioning us in the aeronautics, defence, energy, automotive and special machines sectors.  
Laurent SARL offers you a comprehensive service package for subcontracting out the machining and assembly of subassemblies: jointing, countersinking, turning, drilling, mechanical welding, sheet metal work, surface treatment, painting, adjustment and mechanical assembly.
Composant pour turbo-alternateur en cuivre CuOF

Components for the nuclear industry

Laurent SARL produces nuclear components in copper, stainless and forged steel, for the nuclear construction markets, serving brand-new power plants and providing spare parts.
We also provide inspection services to the nuclear industry, as described in the heading below, “Mastering Quality Plans”.
segments en cuivre Cu ETP CU A1 composants en acier P265GH et peinture nucléaire composants en  Invar 36 1.3912 bride interface en cuivre CU ZR
Segment cintré usinage mécanique Segment cintré usinage mécanique Composant d'assemblage Bride en cuivre usinage mécanique
mors de cintrage en acier Z160

Designing and manufacturing automotive tooling equipment

Laurent SARL boasts renowned know-how in manufacturing machine jaws for working with tubes and bars.
Here are the jaws that we make : bending, swaging, collar, flare etc...
Other tools available: checking templates and more
Montage de contrôle pour ailette de turbine Outil pour emmanchement de tubes outillage et mors de conformage hydraulique cintrage de tubes en inox 304L avec écrou prisonnier
outil emmanchement de coupelle sur tube echappement outil emmanchement de coupelle sur tube echappement outil de brasage kit outillage de cintrage
pièce de structure aeronautique en aluminium 6061 et 2219

Components for aerospace

Laurent SARL produces machined parts in titanium, stainless steel and high alloy steels, plastics, etc. for the aerospace construction industry and its infrastructure.
We also provide inspection services to the arerospace industry, as described in the heading below, “Mastering Quality Plans”.


pièce de fixation en inox 1.4542 bague en bronze BE4 avec lumière en tolérance H7 pièce en aluminium 7075 avec traitement alodyne
aerospatial 30 ncd16 aerospatial 30 ncd16 aerospatial chassis alloy 20 2.4660 aerospatial X6CrNiTi-Mo-VB-25-15_2-1.4980

Mastering Quality Plans

Our company has been qualified by the prime manufacturers of the nuclear and aerospace industries for the following processes:
  • Materials purchasing
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Surface preparation and finishing (sanding, grit blasting etc.)
  • Heat treatment
  • Nuclear surface treatment and painting
  • Assembly
  • TIG and electron beam welding
  • Vacuum brazing
  • Liquid penetrant testing
  • Packaging
  • And more
Certified by notified companies: APAVE, VERITAS and others


Mechanized welding

For steel, stainless steel and certain thermoplastics.

We master the ARC, TIG, MIG and MAG welding processes
Products delivered in crude steel, painted or galvanized
Full assembly management from sourcing to delivery with paint option.



In synergy with our engineering partners, we handle your manufacturing projects for parts, mechanical sub assemblies, from engineering and design stages to development stages.

We work with Inventor and Autocad

Custom-made workstations

Manual, semi-automatic, automatic, for assembly, control, bonding, welding, machining, trials, etc...

Development of your concepts ans inventions

You have a patent? We can industrialise your prototype! We can also help with project financing.
Thanks to our industrial know-how, we can assist you in your product development projects by designing and industrialising your patented product.
We can make industrial prototypes that can combine different technologies (mechanics, electronics, hydraulics etc.). We can also put you in contact with private investors.

And finally, we can manufacture your serial products while you focus on distribution and marketing.