• LAURENT SAS Mécanique industrielle et outillages
  • LAURENT SAS Industrial Mechanics and Tooling
  • LAURENT SAS Industriemechanik und Fertigung von Präzisionswerkzeugen

Engineering partners

In addition to state-of-the-art technical assets, our job also requires specific know-how.
The competence of each employee, as well as that of our partnering suppliers, contributes to the value of the company.

All our departments are fully computerized: Administration, Engineering, Production, Logistics...

We use AUTOCAD for CAD and S4X Edgcam for CAM.

Drawings sent by e-mail, in IGES or IPF formats, can be integrated directly if our CAM system thanks to S4X.

Such equipment makes us even more competitive:
  • Enhanced responsiveness
  • Monitoring of the drawings
  • Instant reliability and control
  • Traceability of machined parts
  • Material stock management
  • Management of machined parts’ shipping
We operate in close collaboration with FCE Engineering located in Audincourt.
Specialised in technical engineering and services, computer-aided drawing and design, they deal with our engineering needs and enable us to handle all our customers’ requests:
  • - 2D design
  • - Takeover / update of CAD plans and drawings
  • - Part readings
  • - Setting to graphical standards
  • - File conversion via Internet
  • - CAD drawing migration
  • - On-site technical assistance with computer-aided drawing workstation
  • - 3D engineering and design
  • - Readings of parts, equipment or installations
  • - 3D part and assembly modelling
  • - 3D assembly exploded views for technical guides
  • - 3D animation and realistic rendering
  • - On-site technical assistance with computer-aided design workstation